New Year, New You: Beauty Picks for January 2015

Happy New Year! It’s a new year so that means a new you right? Everyone is busy making resolutions and trying to start 2015 on the right foot. I’ve been scouting around and have picked a few products that I have tested out this month that I think will start me out right this year.

Bath and Body Works Antibacterial Gel

Bath and Body Works is a US bath/body/home brand that has the best antibacterial gels under the sun. I had some sent to me recently from the States and I must say that I am loving these pocket-sized protectors. In particular, the Honolulu Sun smells like a day at the beach – much nicer than your typical alcohol-smelling antibac gel. If you have anyone in the States that can pick these up for you, they are a great little handbag hero in the winter months.

DSC_0710 DSC_0711

Pixi Glow Tonic

I have a lot of love for Pixi lately. Especially the Glow Tonic – this is a 5% glycolic toner that should be used after cleansing and before your serum. The glycolic acid helps to get rid of old skin cells to reveal smoother and brighter skin. I love this toner and have been using it night and day – it stings very slightly but that’s a good thing because I know it’s working. And it’s not alcohol that’s making the sting – it’s the very useful glycolic acid doing its work! My skin feels brighter and smoother after using this for two weeks.


Pixi H2o Skintint

Another great product by Pixi is the H2O Skintint which is a Tinted Face Gel. I love this for the weekend when I want to tone down on the make-up and am looking for just light coverage. It’s great for letting the skin breathe which is what we all need in January. You will find it feels light and airy and makes it look like you are wearing nothing at all on your face – perfect for a Sunday.


Pixi Flawless & Poreless Primer

I am also loving the Pixi Flawless & Poreless Primer. This little primer is slightly tinted and helps to keep skin mattified. I have really oily skin so this is great for keeping things under control!


O.D.A. (Optimum Derma Aciditate)

I picked up this little treat for the eyes at the Sanrizz Beauty Aesthetic Clinic in Knightsbridge. The salon there offers a range of treatments from massage and facials, to makeovers to eyelash extensions to haircare.

They also sell a range of skincare products by O.D.A. – a professional cosmetic line from Lithuania which is acid-based yet organic. And remember we love acid-based products because of their skin-smoothing and exfoliating properties. This anti-wrinkle eye cream which I picked up is a remedy particular for dark circles and puffiness under the eyes so would make a great treatment after too many late nights out!


Lord & Berry

I had never tried Lord & Berry before until I picked them up at the Sanrizz Beauty Aesthetic Clinic recently. It is a professional line of make-up from Italy that was only previously available for make-up artists to use on models. Therefore it is rather hard to find their products but I’ve got the eye pencil in #221 and the lip pencil in 20100.

The lip pencil is a frosty pink that is nice to layer over another lipstick for a shimmery kick.


Silk’n Diamond Peeling Microdermabrasion

I love this little device. I have been using it for a few weeks now and after using it my skin feels smoother and also plumper due to the fact it feels like a little massage. This is an at-home microdermabrasion device that I have covered in a previous post but wanted to include it again as I think it’s fab. I’ve been using it every other day or every two days, after cleansing on a clean, dry face. I go over the key spots on my face for about 5-10 minutes. This is great to do while browsing Instagram!





October Luxury Skincare Picks From Beauty Rocks

Who doesn’t love a bit of luxury? Some people spend money on clothes, others on restaurants while some flash their cash at bars. I personally love to splash out on a bit of luxury skincare. Your face is the window to the world so why wouldn’t you treat it with care?


My discovery for this month has started with Ark Skincare.

Ark makes products for different life stages. I have the Anti-Ageing Skin Protector SPF30 Primer which is great to use if your day cream does not contain SPF and it is a great base for make-up.

I am in love with Ark’s Regenerating Skin Defence Daily Cream. I have used it until the very last drop and was very sad to see it go. It goes on richly and thickly and is a great base for make-up. It uses stem cell technology from the Alpine Rose, which grows at very high altitudes and has adapted its leaves to resist the harsh cold, dryness and UV exposure. I definitely feel this is a great skin to use in the winter as it provides a thick barrier on the skin.


It also comes out by twisting the top and a bit comes out through a small opening in the top, making it a very hygienic product to use as you are not dipping your fingers in the pot again and again. I loved twisting this jar open every day and every night.


I also love skincare products by Trilogy. I first fell in love with their Organic Rosehip Oil and from then on it has expanded to their Rosapene Night Cream. Gorgeous scent and I feel good using Trilogy because they are organic.

Another new discovery in skincare that I have found is Marula Oil (available at Holland and Barrett). What makes this product so unique is that it comes from East Africa (Namibia to be exact) and most people haven’t heard of the oil. But you should know it because it has a 50% higher antioxidant level than the leading Argan Oil or Grapeseed Oil, making it superior at fighting the free radicals that cause pre-mature skin ageing. It’s available in Sephora in the U.S. (so it must be good) and now it’s available in the UK. Hooray!


It’s very important to take care of the skin around your eyes and this leads me to Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage Eye Cream. This is fantastic for reducing fine lines and after using it for four weeks, I feel that the skin around my eyes does in fact look smoother.

The eye cream delivers revolutionary Idebenone, still unsurpassed as the most powerful antioxidant. Prevage is much loved by Hollywood actresses to help fight ageing and I have been hearing how wonderful it was. So I was extremely excited to try it out for myself and was not disappointed at the results!

And it even comes with a cool metal applicator that feels nice and cold on the skin, perfect to wake up your tired eyes in the A.M.


Gazelli has been on my mind since my amazing Gazelli facial at Josh Wood Atelier in Notting Hill. I currently use their White Oil Skin Balancing Cleanser to help gently remove impurities. I also have their White Oil serum which is great for anti-ageing. So when their Intensive Age-Repair Cream came across my path I was ecstatic to finally be able to complete the three-step process of cleansing, serum and moisturiser.

Gazelli’s key ingredient in their products, White Oil, comes from Azerbaijan and was developed from a thousand-year-old natural medicinal resource that works to repair, rejuvinate, nourish and protect.

The moisturiser can be used both day and night and I found it very soothing at night, paired with the Gazelli White Oil Serum. Here’s to radiant skin!


Serum is the most important tool in your skincare regime and I have three from Vichy that I am very excited to use! Serum is full of concentrated ingredients so should be used every morning and every night for anti-ageing.

Let’s start with Vichy Idealia Serum for Ideal Eyes. An eye serum is a great idea and this one by Vichy targets the three dimensions of ideal eyes. The eye contour area shows damage readily and is one of the hardest areas to correct. The great thing about Idealia is that it has a double correction feature which means it works on both the biological and optical  dimensions of ideal eyes. So while it is blurring fine lines it is working on them as well! Now that’s what I call multi-tasking.

Vichy also has an Idealia Serum for the face called Idealia Life Serum. This serum is targeted to skin exposed to pollution, stress and a busy lifestyle. Hello London! I know when I feel stressed and tired, my skin truly shows it. There is no hiding behind it and people even comment on it so for me it’s really important to take care of my lifestyle because it shows on my skin. When skin is over-polluted, tired, stressed and overexposed it is less able to repair and wrinkles and spots form more easily.

The next Vichy serum on my mind for October is Aqualia Thermal. This is the first skincare to boost water circulation and as the skin is composed of 70% water, this is seems like something worth considering. So in 2014 a new phenomenon responsible for dehydration was discovered. Poor water circulation in your face is responsible for the loss of the ‘fresh look’. The Thermal Spa Water is able to open intracellular canals to facilitate the passage of water between cells by simulating the expression of aquaporin genes 3 and 9. Sounds refreshing!



October Glossybox: The Pop Art Collector’s Edition

I absolutely adore getting a Glossybox every month and this time, the box is just as beautiful as the contents inside with the launch of the Pop Art Collector’s Edition box.

Glossybox never fails to surprise me each month with a new theme and I am loving the October box, simply because I will never throw away the actual box. The box itself, with its pop art design, can be used to store jewellery, make-up or other small trinkets long after you use the products inside.


This month’s box is worth £50.00 for the cost of £10.00 so it’s certainly worth the expense. And of the six products included in this month’s box, four of them are full-size.



What really excited me about the contents of this month’s box was the full-size NUXE Crème Fraiche de Beaute Mask. I have heard great things about this French brand but have never actually been able to try any of their products so I was very happy to see it included in the box.

I used it as a bedtime mask and applied a thick layer over my face. The great thing about this mask is that you don’t actually have to wash it off. After ten minutes, you simply massage the rest of it into your skin so it’s more like a rich bedtime moisturiser if anything. It’s a very soothing mask so would be good to use after a sunburn or if your skin was particularly irritated or sensitive.


The box also contains an Etre Belle Liplift Peel which is a lip scrub that gently exfoliates the lip area. Perfect for if you are going to go out for the evening and want to wear a particular noticeable lipstick. Use this beforehand to ensure smooth lips!

I also found in the box a So Susan Cosmetics Flutter Mascara. Here is another brand I have never tried which is what makes Glossybox so great. It allows you to try all sorts of new products! The mascara contains hyaluronic spheres to help you acheive the darkest, curviest lashes possible.

Another product in the box that I loved was the Dew Pots which is already in my makeup bag. Dew Pots are rich colour eye defining creams and I used mine as an eyeliner, applied with an eyeliner brush. The colour is a dark blue in Moonlight Mist and is a great colour for this season and completely on trend!

61RV7orF0JL._SL1500_Rimmel London BB Cream Matte also made an appearance in the box in a small travel-size version. Great for a weekend away! The formula contains kaolin, witch hazel and salicylic acid so would be a great choice for someone with acne-prone skin.

Another travel-size in the box was Natural World Argan Oil of Morocco Hair Treatment Oil. I do love to have travel-size products in case I jet away for the weekend and this is a great little add-on that will leave your hair feeling softer and looking shinier.


Glossybox costs £10.00 per box, plus P&P. Not too bad, eh?

How He Nailed It: Leighton Denny: The Review

I love to support brands that are supporting Breast Cancer Care this year. Let’s just say it’s a good thing that pink is my favourite colour!

One such brand showing their support for Breast Cancer Awareness month is Leighton Denny, the nail guru and author of the book, How I Nailed It!  For sales made on , 20% will be donated to Breast Cancer Care during the month of October. Seeing as I change my nail colour as often as I change outfits, this is a perfect excuse for me to shop for a good cause.

Leighton Denny nail lacquers first came to me in a Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar last year and since then, it has been an exciting love affair with the brand. The colour lasts for a long time and with the sheer variety of colours on offer, there is one to suit every outfit. Thank goodness.

This is me rocking ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ which comes in the perfect shade of blush pink.



Leighton Denny not only makes nail lacquers but has also come out with a brand new fragrance, called Light and Dark.


The fragrance, as reflected in the name, is something that can be worn in the light of daytime or the dark of night. It contains a special blend of absolute oils including a fruity mixture of pepper, myrrh and incense with heart notes of gardenia, jasmine, lily and rose. This is merged into a lovely concoction to delight the senses with top notes of mandarin, grapefruit, peach and white pepper.

So if you are out shopping anyways, be sure and shop with a good cause and support Breast Cancer Care!

I will be giving away the Leighton Denny Light and Dark fragrance on Instagram so be sure and follow me @JamieRockers for your chance to win!


Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Top Ten Ways To Lower Your Risk

I’ve been seeing pink ribbons everywhere for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October and it seems every year, more and more brands are showing their support with donations on specific products to Breast Cancer Care.

Breast cancer is a scary thing and most people know someone affected by it which brings it all closer to home.

I recently attended an event at the lovely Four Seasons that was hosted by The Organic Pharmacy, with well-known journalist Sarah Vine.


Three members from the scientific community were also there to speak about their research on breast cancer and how our risk for it can be increased by what we put on our skin and into our bodies.

Here’s a breakdown of what was discussed:

  • Philippa D’Abre presented evidence that parabens and aluminium can have adverse effects on human breast epithelial cells at concentrations measured in some human breast tissue samples.
  • Elizabeth Salter Green discussed chemicals, health and the environment.
  • Graeme Williams discussed the evidence about the mechanism of action of EDC groups on human breast, ovarian, testicular and prostate cells.

With these three members of the scientific community talking about ingredients in skincare products that have been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer, it was hard not to feel worried! The main point was that there is a link between parabens and breast cancer.

Many parabens can be found in our skincare products and environment around us. What are parabens? They are used as preservatives and can increase the proliferation of MCF7 breast cancer cells. Some concentrations of them are even sufficient enough to enable growth of breast cancer. Aluminium is one such ingredient that was spoken about several times. It also happens to be in every antiperspirant you can find. Sadly, we apply it to near the breast area almost every day at high levels and the worrying news is that it can be absorbed by the body.

However, there are ten steps recommended by Margo Moronne, founder of The Organic Pharmacy, that we can take to help lower our risk.

1. Choose hormone and pesticide-free meat and dairy 

Synthetic growth hormones fed to chickens, beef and pork can mimic the hormone oestrogen which also feeds into milk, cheese and dairy. Pesticides can also mimic oestrogen and stimulate the growth of cancer cells. Choose organic which avoids hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.

2. Eat organic fruit & vegetables free from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides

Pesticides are so toxic they kill pests, but they are also harmful to us and infect our water table. Studies have shown that herbicides, fungicides and pesticides can cause mammary cancer so choose organic or grow your own (free of pesticides of course).

3. Clean up your cleaning and household products 

We spray air fresheners around our home, clean our baths, kitchens and floors with strong smelling liquids that can be laden with toxic chemicals. Formaldehyde in your washing up liquid, the list goes on. Choose products that disclose their ingredients, check the ingredients and make sure what you buy is clean and safe.

4. Avoid BPA lined tinned food, plastic bottles and food containers

Exposure to plastics such as Bisphenol- A found in canned food tins, water bottles, baby bottles and other plastic containers can adversely the normal development of mammary glands. Make sure what you use is BPA-free.

5. Avoid phalate laden fragrances, hair sprays, nail polishes and make-up

Phthalates are well known as endocrine disruptors. They can be found in fragrances, hair sprays, nail polishes, soft plastic toys and soft plastic shoes. They should be avoided.

 6. Avoid exposure to radiation as much as you can

Natural radiation is part of our every day life but man made radiation such as X-rays and CT scans massively increase our exposure and have been known to have an established environmental trigger for breast cancer.  Choose alternatives such as MRI or ultrasound where possible.

7. Ditch your teflon and aluminium pots and pans

Teflon can contain toxic per fluorinated chemicals which are endocrine disruptors. Try green non-stick pans made of ceramic or stainless steel or old fashioned cast iron.

 8. Avoid triclosan and final natural ways to fight germs

Triclosan is an antimicrobial agent used in deodorants, creams, kitchen utensils, soaps, toothpastes etc.  It has been associated with hormone disruption, allergies and even organ toxicity. There are so many natural ways to keep us germ free such as Hypericum, Calendula and Propolis for cuts and first aid and of course a healthy system doesn’t need daily doses of triclosan.

 9. Choose organic skincare free from toxic chemicals

Our largest organ, skin, does absorb ingredients and should be exposed only the most healthy.

 10. Avoid flame retardant fabrics in clothes and furniture – especially children’s clothing

Studies show the flame retardants e.g. Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether (PBDE) are endocrine mimicking and can increase the susceptibility of mammary cells to cancer. Flame retardants are found in children pyjamas, and furniture.

So although breast cancer is a scary topic, there are ways and means to reduce your risk. Continue to support brands that donate to breast cancer research and choose organic when you can!



London Cocktail Week Survival Guide

London Cocktail Week is upon us again, the time of year where you purchase a £10 wristband and for seven days flit around to the capital’s 200 best bars to enjoy their most fabulous cocktails for the low, low price of £4. With pop-ups, parties and tastings galore, it takes some serious strength to get through it all. With seven nights of parties stretched ahead, I also need a survival kit of products that are going to work hard for me – for my body, mind and soul. Cheers to that!

A range of supplements, skincare products and a nice candle are what get me through the hardest of times so in my kit of tricks, I present to you…


In no particular order:

1. NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer

This is the cool kid in the back of the class and the one you definitely want to be friends with. I have a love/hate relationship with primers but this one covers flaws and leaves an almost chalky substance on your skin that lays the perfect foundation for your well…foundation. I would highly recommend it. I will be using this to cover up the damage from too many late nights out.


2. Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Eye Shadow Quad in Posh Purples

I have recently become a huge fan of crème eyeshadows because I got fed up with powders that creased or ran down my eyelids in a crumbly mess at the end of the day. This eye shadow quad from Elizabeth Arden, however, has made me believe in powder eyeshadows once more. With an image of an eye showing exactly where to place what colour, this takes the pain out of guessing what a smoky eye should really look like. The purples particularly make green eyes pop. Truly posh indeed and will look pretty in your party bag, no matter what the season.


3. Vitabiotics Perfectil Plus Hair Supplements

Vitabiotics Perfectil has been my go-to for a long time for hair, skin and nails supplements and this time they have created one that contains a ‘colourel blend’ with copper which contributes to normal hair pigmentation. I have always taken a skin supplement for as long as I remember and I think this, combined with healthy eating has really helped to slow down the ageing!

During your more youthful years, your body produces enough proteins for a healthy head of hair but as you get older, the rate is slowed at which your hair follicles replenish themselves. Key ingredients such as selenium and biotin contribute to healthy hair and skin. This supplement is also a multivitamin so everything is covered! A time saving little pill indeed. They can be picked up from Boots and are priced at £17.95 for 60 tablets.

4. NSPA Patchouli & Ylang Ylang Luxury Scented Candle

London Cocktail Week, with all the events, pop-ups and more will surely frazzle my mind. I always like to have a nice candle around to calm my nerves. It is also said that if you are meditating to use a candle to help you focus your thoughts and purify your mind. It does actually work! This candle has a light but lovely scent that isn’t too overpowering. And for £3.95 at ASDA, this is a small price to pay for sanity.


5. Aduna Moringa Green Superleaf Powder

This supercharged green powder comes all the way to us from Africa, from the Moringa tree, which has long been used for its medicinal properties. If you don’t like taking multivitamins you can switch it out for three to four teaspoons of this per day, because it contains 13 vitamins and minerals at RDA levels. It’s a great natural way to take a supplement and as I am a huge fan of green powders, juices, teas and anything health related in general, I was really excited to learn about this new superfood. It is similar to macha (the green tea powder) in the way that it is simply the entire leaf, dried and made into powder so you get all the nutrients. Another fun fact about Moringa? It actually contains significantly more nutrients than many of the popular superfoods at the moment such as chia, spirulina, chlorella and wheatgrass. It is chock full of antioxidants which help protect our cells from damage from free radicals. This is a must have for any busy bee out there – I will be using it on the front line during London Cocktail Week!


6. Bodhi & Burch Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum

I love the smell of this hand serum-it reminds me of a mixed drink and therefore it is perfect to include in my London Cocktail Week Survival Kit post! I am thinking…Mojito? This is an oil-based serum for your hands but it sinks in easily, containing Olive Squaline, Rosehip Oil, Plum Kernal and Safflower Seed Oils, among others. Another great benefit of this is that it is naturally antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic. This makes it a super winner in my books and is great for city folks. I will be keeping this in my bag to use as an alternative to antibacterial gel. And did I mention it smells like a Mojito?



 7. Zoya Nail Polish in Pixie Dust

Zoya is a natural nail brand from the U.S. and has over 500 colours, textures and varieties of nail polishes! And they are a natural brand, meaning the polish contains no nasty chemicals. I love Pixie Dust, a sparkly maroon colour. It’s perfect for the upcoming season and since it isn’t too cold yet, I can still rock it on my toes in open-toed heels. I know it’s not Christmas yet but this would make a perfect stocking stuffer!


 8. Onika by Nicki Minaj

This is my perfect scent for London Cocktail Week. Onika by Nicki Minaj embodies everything London Cocktail Week should be; fun, flirty with a bit of confidence and sexy thrown in for good measure. The bottle alone is simply stunning and puts me in the party mood ASAP. I like to look at it, gaze at it…in fact, just looking at the bottle makes me feel like I want to kick some ass…in a good way. It’s sexy and fearless in a bottle.


9.Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Luminous Lip Gloss

This lip gloss (in below photo…scroll down) begs to be noticed and it is. It comes in gorgeous gold packaging and looks good both on and off your lips. By off I mean it looks great in your bag and is a perfect party accessory. It’s flashy but understated and the gloss can go over lipstick or used on its own for a perfectly kissable pout. Again, this would make a perfect Christmas gift. Now, where’s the mistletoe?

10. Antipodes Translucent Powder and Kabuki Brush

I fell in love with Antipodes after I used their Hosanna H2O Intensive Plumping Serum and then went on a New Zealand beauty products hunt, finding Trilogy (one of my great loves) in the process. But did you know that Antipodes did make-up? I didn’t either and when I found out they did, it had to be mine. I love their Skin Brightening Finishing Powder, applied with their Kabuki brush. I am pretty fair-skinned so found that because this powder is translucent, it was great because it didn’t leave any dark spots on my face and set my foundation really well. It also contains skin brightening ingredients so I know that by putting it on, I am actually doing something good for my skin (which isn’t how I usually feel with make-up!). The Kabuki Brush is also wonderful and feels like a whisper on the cheek. It’s the only way to describe it!

11. Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

I have always loved the simplicity and no nonsense of Burt’s Bees. I also like that it was started at an actual bee farm in Maine by Burt. First it was their Carrot Body Lotion that I received one year from my brother for Christmas. Since then I realised that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it and Burt’s Bees philosophy of using all-natural products is something that resonates with me. And as it has been shown in scientific studies in the past, our bodies can absorb what we put on it so it’s important to use the best products out there. I love the simplicity of a Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. It’s simple and effective which is really all you need!


12. Flutter Nail Files

I snag my nails. A lot. Recently I snagged my nails on a brand new sweater that I had just purchased. This didn’t make me very happy. What does make me happy is regular filing of the nails to keep them snag-free. Because I don’t need to snag any more of my clothes…ever. Flutter Nail Files are also pretty to use which makes them another necessity for the handbag.

13. W7 Night Glow Highlight and Illuminate

W7 is a very affordable brand that has very similar products to Benefit. I have recently tried their Highlight and Illuminate Illuminator, which I blended into my foundation on the cheekbones for a glowy look. As you can ‘paint’ this on it makes it really easy to apply. I also used it on the top of my nose, by drawing a long line down the top of it and blended in to make it look slimmer.

14. W7 A Touch of Tahiti Lip and Cheek Stain

Again, this product is very similar to Benefit’s Lip and Cheek Tints and it does the same job at a fraction of the price. I loved the Touch of Tahiti. It blends well and leaves a lovely pink faced glow, like someone has either pinched your cheeks or you have just stepped out of a steamy shower. Great for looking alive when you don’t feel it!


15. The Primal Kitchen Brazil Nut and Cherry Paleo Bar and Almond, Cashew, Coconut and Macadamia

I need snacks and lots of them. If I don’t have a snack in my bag I feel a little bit panicked. I’ve always been like that and it’s important to keep your strength up, especially during the 7-day marathon of London Cocktail Week. These fabulous little bars of energy will certainly keep you going and taste good too.


16. B. Vibrant Lip and Cheek Colour

I love using the back of my hand as an artist’s canvas. You can find below (in order), W7 A Touch of Tahiti Lip and Cheek Stain, W7 Highlight and Illuminator, Elizabeth Arden Lip Gloss, B. Vibrant Lip and Cheek Colour, Gosh Cosmetics Simply Red Velvet Touch Lip Liner and NYX Primer.

B. Vibrant is available at Superdrug and this lip and cheek colour is vibrant and fun-a coral red and is perfect for touching up on a night out on the town and eliminating the need to carry lip liner and blusher. That’s what I call winning.


17. Style Expertise Volume Plumping Powder

I love the size of this tiny handbag-sized plumping powder which can be thought of as a kind of dry powder that plumps up your hair to go from lifeless to voluminous in a matter of seconds. Easy to carry and perfect for the bar scene.


18. Gosh Cosmetics Simply Red Velvet Touch Lip Liner

If you want to really wow with a red lip you need lip liner so you can really define your lips. It will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.







September Organic Beauty Week: The Edit


Organic Beauty Week in September is now over but we can still celebrate all things organic in our beauty routines with the products I have chosen in my Organic Beauty Week ‘Edit’. Because what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it!

Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

Pai is a London-born brand and you can find their products at Whole Foods, amongst others. I like this cleanser because it is not as heavy as a balm and feels more like a cleansing lotion. It would be great for sensitive skin or skin that has been overloaded by other products. I removed my makeup before using this so only had to clean once. My skin felt soft, hydrated and not stripped of moisture or dry/tight. It also smells heavenly.

Natracare Wipes

Great gentle make-up removers, especially if you are on the go. These also work great for sensitive skin. I like to use them right when I get home from work, to remove my makeup for the evening.

Pai Organic Muslin Cloth

Great for natural exfoliation and can be used daily with regular cleanser for an added exfoliation benefit!


Therapi Lemon Myrtle Gel Cleanser

This is a gel-like formula that has a lovely lemon scent and would be perfect to wake you up in the morning. It’s like sunshine in a bottle and is very gently cleansing on the skin with honey, Yucca Extract and Lemon Myrtle.

Neal’s Yard Organic Argan Oil

Argan is truly a wonder oil. This works for hair, skin and nails so it’s a great all-rounder, especially for travelling. I love a product that can multi-task. I enjoyed applying this product on my décolleté area and I like the fact that I am using an organic oil so close to my heart. Literally!

Neal’s Yard Remedies has been around since 1981 and were the first UK company to produce certified organic health and beauty products.

Nourish Treatment Argan & Kale Anti-Ageing Hand Cream

This hand cream has a very earthy scent and promises to help correct uneven pigmentation. It felt very nourishing, just like in the name! As we get older, we are more prone to pigmentation issues, especially on places like our hands which are exposed to the sun every day and don’t get much protection. This product is great because it helps to prevent the damage before it’s done. The prevention is always better than the cure!

Inlight Organic Daily Face Oil

I love the smell of this facial oil and recommend using this at night before you go to bed, massaging it into your skin to increase circulation and give yourself a boost. It contains all the goodies for your skin, including jojoba seed oil, rose seed oil and evening primrose oil. The oils are cold-pressed and again this is really important for keeping the quality of the oil intact. The oils are completely pure and even free from water! You don’t need much of this oil as it is so concentrated. The reason this smells so lovely is probably due to the vanilla fruit extract – yum! Smells good enough to eat.

Nourish Body Butter

I found this quite light for a body butter and it comes in a luxurious jar so would make a lovely gift for someone. The pure essential oils of orange and mandarin really come out in the fragrance and the product sank in easily and didn’t leave a greasy feel like many typical body butters. It contains phyto-active marine algae with hyaluronic acid (yay!) and peptides known to stimulate collagen. A win-win all around if you ask me.


Nourish Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser

An extremely gentle exfoliator, this cleanser exfoliates with enzymes which is why you won’t feel gritty grains in this. It contains lovely essential oils – rosemary, geranium and citrus scents as well as phytoactive pomegranate enzymes, which also exfoliate. Kale, it seems is not only good for your insides but also is great for the outside and can be applied to the skin to detoxify it and protect it from free-radicals.

Odylique Spot on Serum

I break out into spots before my period every month so this is great to incorporate into an organic skin care routine. I have not yet seen an organic serum especially targeted to blemished or damaged skin so this is wonderful news for people who only use organic. Contains antimicrobial lavender, tea tree (the wonder oil!) and Echinacea (what we usually take to boost our immune systems during a cold), calming aloe juice and soothing calendula. And it’s not drying to skin at all!

Odylique products are all free from any nasty thing you could ever think about and great for people with skin allergies. And they offer all of this at a fair price to their customers as well (the spot on serum retails at £15.00). They also have a long history and were the first UK company to launch skin care and make-up certified to both organic and Fairtrade standards.

Therapi Honey Skincare Lemon Myrtle Honey Moisturiser

This feels light on the skin and would be great as a daytime moisturiser or for those who don’t like heavy greasy formulas. The lemon myrtle is purifying for oily/combination skin. Therapi’s unique formulations use honey, active botanical extracts, cold-pressed organic oils (very important!) and nourishing plant butters. Also, 5% of their profits go to bee conservation!

Therapi Honey Skincare Orange Blossom Moisturiser

I love Orange Blossom and flower water lately and use it in my facial spritz formula (Orico London Streetwise Coco Spritz) on my desk at work because it helps to tone and hydrate. Again this Orange Blossom Moisturiser is a very light and easy to use formula. It sinks in easily and orange blossom is very balancing if your skin is upset or has had too many changes recently.


After talking about what’s good to put on your body, let’s talk about what’s good to put in your body!

So why buy organic? Most people know that organic food is better for you. It has been proven that switching to  organic fruits and veggies is the equivalent of eating one or two additional portions of fruits and vegetables every day. Organic food contains higher levels of antioxidants, which are compounds that interact with and neutralise free radicals, thus preventing them from causing damage to the cells. Antioxidants are really important for everyone but especially those who live in big cities like London and who are bombarded with free radicals every day.

In preparation for World Heart Day let’s talk about Udo’s Choice.


A key product to try from Udo’s Choice is the Ultimate Oil Blend which contains organic omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids and contains flax, sunflower seed oil, sesame seed oil and coconut, as well as plant extracts. I think this is a great oil because it is meant to be drizzled on your food (not cooked with as the oils are cold-pressed). I used it as an oil-based dressing for my pre-dinner salad and I felt that I was doing something really good for myself! I’m sure my heart felt the same way. Once you open this it has to be refridgerated and up to 3-4 desert spoonfuls of this can be consumed each day. Omega fatty acids are not only good for your heart but also fabulous for your skin so get glowing on this one.



I would also highly recommend Udo’s Choice ‘Beyond Greens’. Most green superfood powders taste horrible when mixed with plain water. This one doesn’t! In fact it has a slightly cinnamon taste to it and was perfectly palatable. For someone who doesn’t have time to make green smoothies before going to work or cold-press my own juices, this is brilliant to simply mix a couple of dessert spoonfuls into a cup of water, gulp down and go. Seriously, this is one of my new faves.


First-Class Beauty: Don’t Leave Home Without Them

I am currently on holiday in the States and as I post this from America’s sunny heartland I want to let you know some of the products that have travelled with me along the way.

Before I left:

Burt’s Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion

I slathered myself in Burt’s Bees. I love Burt’s Bees because it is natural and I like to use it before travelling because I know that it is going to be sitting on my skin for awhile. It is also scientifically proven to provide moisture for up to 24 hours which is about the time that I would be travelling so it seemed perfectly suited for me.

Also, as I was going to the U.S. and Burt’s Bees are from Maine-this seemed even more appropriate to use. In this formula, milk nourishes while honey helps to soften skin; plus, coconut and grape seed oils and vitamin E deliver beneficial nutrients to the skin. And it smells delicious too.


On the plane:

PitRok Crystal Deodorant Wipes

Here are some nifty little wipes that I got out of a Latest in Beauty box  that can be used as a natural deodorant in place of your regular roll-on or solid stick deodorant with all-natural mineral salts and no aluminium (yay!). They are really great for travel and I used them to wipe my hands off as well after eating on the plane (I am not sure if you are supposed to use these for that purpose but they worked!). Even if you don’t use them as deodorant wipes they can double as wipes for anything such as a spilled glass of wine (yes- I have done that on a plane before and it didn’t make the guy sitting next to me very happy) or to dry your hands with if there are no paper towels. You never know.


Inner Me: Daily 4 Me For the Hectic 30s

Health is wealth and that’s the truth. I hate flying long haul simply because it makes me feel unhealthy – as anyone would feel after travelling for that long and not sleeping or eating properly. I have also recently discovered (in a Latest in Beauty box) the dietary supplement pack made by Inner Me called Daily 4 Me for the hectic 30s. I love these to travel with because they are pre-packed and idiot-proof. They contain strips of four vitamins for each day; an Advanced multivitamin with added B Vitamins and Vitamin D3, High Strength Omega 3, Co-Enzyme Q10 100mg and Lactospore® 15 billion complex capsule with Aloe Vera, Spirulina & Alfafa.

The box comes with a month supply and I took two weeks worth to the States-no bottles to deal with or a million different vitamins hanging around in my bags! I also like that these come together in a pack so I feel like I am getting all the vitamins I need without overdosing on anything.


Moa Green Balm

I love this little 100% natural balm. It can be used for (almost) anything and I used it on the plane on my dehydrated lips and parched hands from that crackling dry plane air. You can even use it as a cleansing balm and I did this in the restroom while changing planes on a layover in between two long flights. It is gently cleansing without stripping your skin which is not what you want at all when flying, as your skin is already dehydrated and needs a barrier to protect against the circulating air in the cabin.

I also used this on my mother who spends a lot of time in the garden and has gardening hands. Yep, she loved it too.

I also love the packaging of the Daily Cleansing Ritual. Who wouldn’t like to open that everyday? Perfectly stylish for travelling.


Mrs White’s Legs In The Air

I always get achy on the plane and usually stick with Tiger Balm but this time decided to switch things up and try a little British brand called Mrs White’s who makes ‘Legs In The Air’.

Mrs White’s Legs In The Air is all-natural and is designed to increase circulation when flying or on long journeys. It is slightly tinted as well to give you a bit of colour although I always wear several layers when travelling because I tend to get cold very easily. This has a slight peppermint scent and although it’s not as potent-feeling as Tiger Balm, it probably also doesn’t offend your neighbour with any strong menthol smell so is great to use on the plane.


Skeyndor Corrective Eye Expression Lines Eraser

Skeyndor is a Spanish brand and I have been using this for slight expression lines under my eyes and really like this product. I took it on the plane with me to dab it under my eyes every couple of hours when I could feel my skin getting dry. I was quite liberal with the application and used a thick layer of it so it almost sat under my eyes like a mask.

Skeyndor is relatively pricey at £63.00 for the eye cream but you get a lot for that money as you get 20ml of the formula instead of a usual 10ml or 15ml. The reason for the price is that it took three years to develop, with over 200 combinations tried before the final formulas were developed. That’s a lot of testing! So you can see that a lot of effort and time has gone into this product. This product also contains some pretty cool ingredients. One is a peptide complex based on the famous snake venom ingredient that slows down the link between the nerve and the muscle. It also contains hyaluronic acid (the miracle ingredient) to help soften lines and also contains tissue redensifiers that help to fill out and plump your face. This is a truly scientific product. The hyaluronic acid is medical-grade which provides the deepest penetration to get at those pesky wrinkles. You won’t be sorry you bought this.


On the layover:

I had a ten-hour layover with no one to see in North Carolina on my trip to America so I tried to occupy my time with these products.

MitoQ Antioxidant supplement

These little miracle-worker supplements are chock-full of antioxidants and the perfect way to combat free radical damage that has occurred on a long-haul flight. I took these while waiting for my next flight and felt like I was really helping my body out. MitoQ is a Mitochondrial Targeted Antioxidant that delivers antioxidant CoQ directly to your mitochondria (which age), supporting their natural function and restoring their health. This means they can get on with their job, eliminating free radicals, preventing oxidation, and keeping your skin and organs healthy. And MitoQ does this 847 times more effectively than any other CoQ formulation on the market. That’s amazing! Certainly needed during a long-haul flight.


B. Treated Blemish Gel

I used B. Treated Blemish Gel from Superdrug (who doesn’t know Superdrug if you live in the UK?) on a small spot that had cropped up during the flight. My skin is very sensitive to stress and environmental factors and it shows if it is not being properly treated. I used this gentle clear gel-based spot treatment on my spot to prevent it from getting any bigger which I am happy to say it did not! The gel contains Salicylic Acid which is scientifically proven to unclog pores and eliminate spot-causing bacteria to help prevent breakouts. It has been clinically proven to help clear imperfections, reducing both redness and inflammation in just two hours. And as this is Superdrug’s own brand, you can get it for under a tenner. Beauty that doesn’t break the bank!


Optimum Super Antioxidant Grape Serum 30ml

I am pretty excited about Superdrug’s Optimum – PhytoCellTec products because I just recently did a post on stem cells from the Swiss Apple (which Superdrug also makes at a sliver of the price of competitors). I wanted to try out a different plant stem cell based serum so went for the Optimum Super Antioxidant Grape Serum. As there are a billion free radicals floating in the air when you fly, I tend to grab onto anything that says antioxidant as this is what is going to be your army against those nasty free radicals. This particular serum is targeted to 25+ and helps protect against free radicals. Perfect for the plane.

If you are on a budget, this serum is very reasonably priced at £14.99. Seriously – this serum contains the same/similar ingredients as much higher competitors (I am talking close to £300 here) so it’s definitely worth a second look at.

The stem cells used of this particular grape are known for having a high UV resistance (good for if you are sitting next to a window on the plane). Stem cells are responsible for creating new cells and fixing damaged ones. Of course as we age we lose stem cells. However, scientists have found that plant stem cells work similarly as human stem cells so to have them in our serums is fascinating and fabulous news in the world of skincare.


At the final destination:

Tea MD

This is a U.S. brand of natural face wash that contains no harsh chemicals and has all-natural ingredients including Rose Hip Seed Oil (one of my faves) and Seaweed Extract. The face wash is very cooling to the skin due to peppermint oil and also contains tea tree oil which as we know, is a great for acne. As I am certainly prone to a spot or two, I do like to use cleansing products with tea tree oil to prevent breakouts. The best thing I found about this cleanser was its cool, minty feel which is great in the hot weather and perfect to revive your skin after a particular long flight. Peppermint oil is renowned for its therapeutic effect on skin disorders and for its cooling sensation.


Nip + Fab Viper Venom Body Serum

Once I arrived at my final destination and after having showered, I slathered on Nip + Fab Viper Venom Body Serum. It’s serum for the body which is brilliant. Why shouldn’t the body have what the face gets? I love this product because it is a refreshing gel-like formula that feels so nice when you put it on. The serum contains age-defying syn®-ake peptide + skin tightener ST to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles and tighten skin. I found it very refreshing and cooling after a long flight. Vitamin E in the serum also helps to combat free radical damage.


Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs

Having come from the UK I was feeling particularly pale around all these bronzed Americans so for a quick fix, Cocoa Brown lovely legs has pretty much saved me. This is a spray on, wash off colour for pale legs that makes you look like you have been out in the sun. I sprayed mine directly onto my legs and then blended with a tanning mitt. I also tried applying this right after moisturising when my skin was still damp and found it worked even better and blended well. Just look at the difference in colour in my legs below! A suntan without the sun damage? Can’t get much better than that.

So this comes highly recommended for anyone who is going on holiday and is planning to wear shorts!


Glo & Ray

Glo & Ray are another little colour-enhancing miracle product I love. I actually got several compliments on my skin when I wore this as a finishing powder. It set my make-up and made my skin a nice soft matte texture. I LOVE this powder and carry it with me everywhere and use it everyday. The powder comes in a compact so I find it’s perfect for handbag use because it has a mirror. Again, a travelling necessity.


Nails Inc.

Oh, Nails Inc. how I love thee. I have recently gotten my hands on two Gel Effects polishes directly before I left on holiday. I have taken both of them with me and have been really impressed with the gel effect and also the lasting finish of the nail colour. I put this to serious work as well and was happy with the chip-free outcome. The colour below is perfect for summer and looks nice against a (fake) tan. The below colour is Soho Place.


Laura Mercier

This metallic crème eye colour has been a little travelling buddy of mine on this holiday. It is a gorgeous copper colour and doesn’t crease or smudge and develops into the most luscious creamy metallic sheen on your eyelid. EVER! Tiny and perfect, a great size for travelling and since it is a crème base, it won’t crumble like a powder in your hand luggage.


Sure, the most important thing on your holiday is to have fun. But why not look and feel good too?

Etat Pur: The French Pharmacie Comes To Moi

We’ve all heard rumours about the amazingness of a French pharmacie due to high quality products at reasonable prices. So I was absolutely thrilled when the French pharmacie came to me in the form of Etat Pur ( At the moment however, you can only buy these products online in the UK or at their concept store in Paris.


Etat Pur is made by the same group who makes the Bioderma brand, which is ever so popular due to their micellar water. What is great about Etat Pur is that you can make a bespoke skincare product depending on your skin’s needs and they also strictly choose ingredients that are only in perfect affinity with the skin. Think of it almost as DIY skincare. What I mean is that Etat Pur offers an A + B bespoke skincare solution with their pure Actives (A) + Biomimetic products (B). You can choose which active you need according to your skin.

The pure Actives can be used on their own or combined with the patented Biomimetic (B) products to provide personalised solutions. The pure Actives should be applied first onto the skin and followed by a B product.

There are pure Actives that can be used to solve a variety of problems: wrinkles, loss of firmness, blemishes, hypersensitivity, dryness, dark circles, etc. The choice of Active that you use is your choice alone-which is where all the fun lies. The B products also contain ingredients that are only in perfect affinity with the skin so this can be a great product for those with sensitive skin.

An interesting thing about each pure Active is that they are concentrated at the exact effective dose that allows them to act wherever the skin needs them so they are in fact, smart Actives.

I have a pack of Etat Pur products that I have been trying out from cleansing to moisturising and every step in between.

Let’s start with…


b02_1The first product I have tried in regards to cleansing is the Micellar Purifying Cleansing Water. I love Micellar water because it is really gentle on the skin and binds to the oil and dirt to take them right off. I think it’s a great alternative to the double cleanse if you use the Micellar water to first take off all of your make-up so you can wash your face with a clean slate. I find this Micellar water takes off make-up without making your skin feel like you have stripped it too much. It’s great to use right after work is finished and when you get home so you can wash off the grime from the day.

b08_1The second step in cleansing is the Melting Exfoliating Gel. This was really gentle on my skin and ‘melted’ into my skin. Upon contact with water, it turned into a milky liquid which rinsed off easily.

Pre-Moisturising/Pure Actives:


I chose the Acmella pure Active because it is especially for expression wrinkles on the forehead, eye contour and mouth. I am getting the faintest lines around the eye contour (expression lines) and thought this would be a good choice for that. Wrinkles first set in wherever the face’s expressions impose greater constraint on the skin. These are further deepenened by environmental factors such as stress, pollution and UV rays.

One interesting thing about Acmella flowers is that they have a “botox-like” effect. They contain myorelaxant molecules that act directly on the face’s micro-contractions to smooth out the skin and quickly restore a smoother appearance. Natural botox straight from Mother Nature? Count me in.


The second Active I chose was Arbutin. This pure Active is indicated for treating hyperpigmented areas and dark spots. It is well known for reducing melanin levels, whitening the skin and the marks caused by sunburn. It inhibits the production of melanin and lightens the skin, evening out the skin.


Never forget the eyes-the expression to the soul! We want to take care of the skin around our eyes because our eyes are what people look at. I chose to use the Bioactive eye contour care B42 which targets fine line and fights signs of fatigue. Yes, please.


Another thing not to forget is your lips. Lips are generally forgotten when it comes to sun protection but this is important to remember. You never miss your lips until they are wrinkled and thin (think of all those fish trouts that are a result from too many lip plumping procedures!). Full lips are a sign of youth so always take care of your lips. I have tried the Bioactive B43 Lip Care which repairs dry and cracked lips. As it is summer and I am in and out of air conditioning and then back outside in the hot sun, I find that my lips dry out really quickly.





I always leave the moisturising for last to let my other products have time to sink in. Serum is always first, then eyes and lips and then finally moisturiser. Oil-free quenching fluid – B20 is one of the Biomimetic products that can be combined with a pure Active. I combined mine with two pure Actives that I personally picked to address my skin concerns. So I apply one pure Active to my skin in the morning and another pure Active to my skin at night and follow up both times with the Oil-Free Quenching Fluid.


You better bet that when I headed to the sunny States for a holiday that I packed both of these high-performance sun products. I love the 50+ Sun Spray because it stays put all day and I really feel sheilded from the sun with this high protection and I know that I’ve prevented a few sunburns.


There is also an Active for sun care. I love the idea of the Peptide-6 Pro-melanin pure active which is recommended as a great after-sun and tan extender. It can also be used to to prepare sensitive skin for exposure to the sun.

Peptide-6 is a complex of 6 amino acids present in the skin. This molecule is capable of effectively stimulating the production of melanin, a natural skin pigment causing it to tan. Peptide-6 is very complete and also helps the skin protect itself optimally against UV rays: more even and deeper tan, reduced skin hyper-sensitivity, helps to prevent skin alterations induced by the sun.



So if you feel like playing with your skincare a bit and mixing up your routine, Etat Pur is a great French brand to try. What are your favourite French skincare brands?

EtatPur_Paula-Erin_01_080 (1)

Bohdi & Birch Rosa Rosa Skincare Launch

I was able to attend the launch event last week for Bodhi & Birch (, a relatively new British eco-luxury brand to hit the market and one that uses ingredients sourced from sustainable origins. The company was founded by Elijah Choo, who wanted to bring together Eastern and Western skincare and well-being philosophies into one brand. Therefore the name Bodhi (from the East) & Birch (from the West) was created.


There has certainly been a revival of all things rose and Bodhi & Burch is hot on this trend with the Rosa Rose skincare launch. Rose it seems, is certainly having a moment. The collection features a 3-step system including the Clarifying Cleanser, Hydrating Toner and Daily Moisturiser, which have been designed to combat dull-looking skin and aims to smooth, tone, brighten and even out the complexion.

I was able to meet Elijah Choo, the founder of Bodhi & Burch, who told me that his inspiration for the products comes from his surroundings and from being in nature. For example, the inspiration for his Jasmine Falls collection came about after following his cat out into a field one evening and seeing jasmine ‘falling’ in abundance.

On Rosa Rosa he says, ‘Creating Rosa Rosa is a step into the past to source legendary ingredients that have been tried and tested for their skincare and well-being qualities. The idea may be simple but it is in this simplicity where its beauty exists.’

Well stated. Rose has been around and used for centuries for its skin benefits and is now being re-appreciated for that.


Rosa Rosa Skincare Launch-includes (from left to right) Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser, Rosa Rosa Hydrating Toner and Rosa Rosa Daily Moisturiser


One of my favourites from the launch was the Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum. It sank in beautifully but still left a barrier on my skin for protection. I feel like this would be great to use on the tops of your hands where your age starts to show the most. Elijah showed me his hands and said one hand he used to test products on a lot, including the hand serum and the other hand he didn’t and I could easily see which one he had been using the serum on because it was smoother and younger-looking.

The Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum is made with ant-ageing Olive Squaline and Rosehip Seed Oil (my fave!) plus antibacterial Lime and Green Mandarin which gives it a lovely citrus scent. It can also be used as a nail treatment as it is oil-based. It helps to shield skin from environmental damage and helps diminish the signs of ageing.

IMG_5005IMG_5011Another lovely fragrance that I smelled at the launch was the Chamomile Sky Bath & Shower Therapy. To me, this lovely concoction smelled like a Mojito. Yum!

IMG_5009  IMG_5006

I left with a Rosa Rosa Hydrating Toner and a Jasmine Falls Bath & Shower Therapy. I have used the Rosa Rosa Hydrating Toner as a facial mist throughout the day and I find it is very soothing and refreshing at the same time, with Damask Rose, Orange Blossom and Chamomile. I feel like this is great to put beside your desk if you work in an office and exposed to air-conditioning or heating constantly.

IMG_5014 IMG_5015 IMG_5016

The Jasmine Falls Bath & Shower Therapy is truly therapeutic with its scent alone. Combining Jasmine, Vetiver and Lavender it is really soothing and great to use after a stressful day. Lavender has shown to calm the mind and help promote a good night’s sleep. Zzzz…